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Meet the parents

Keron & Jimiesha

Once upon a time, Keron and Jimiesha planted a seed.

Today, their relationship continues to bloom and we celebrate the blessing they are bringing into the world. A rose in bloom.

Then and Now


Keron Tull

God, I ask that You protect this little life. Grow this baby into the person that reflects Your light and love in the world.


I know this child is important, that this child is destined to do great things in Your name. I pray strong protection over this baby’s life. Amen.

Jimiesha Thomas

BabyGirl Tull—our rose that grew in a quiet garden!


Why the Flower Child? My mother had a rose bush that would bloom every year around Mother’s Day. When my mom passed and we moved, the bush never bloomed again.


Instead, my mom kept one extra special rose and gave her to me! KNT, you’re something so special girl.

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